Kitchen Faucet Booster Filter Tap Extender

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Non-toxic and safe to use.
Increase water pressure: prevent water flow, the air and water mix well, the water feels soft, the water potential is enhanced, and the cleaning is more convenient.
The flexible hose and 360 degree rotation design make the kitchen sink easy to clean, and even clean dead corners.
The spray nozzle used in the kitchen sink. This device produces a champagne effect flow, which can offset any splash in the basin, while improving the wetting ability and performance.
Manual installation can be done directly without tools, and can be completed in a few seconds. If your faucet is a square socket, it is not suitable for installation.

The faucet splash-proof filter can be installed on your faucet to filter and regulate the water flow which could make the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom healthier and flexible.

Made of premium materials, safe and non-toxic, durable to use.

Flexible and 360° rotatable, convenient for multi-angle cleaning.

Adjust the regulator to control water flow as you need.

Reduces water usage and prevents water from splashing on your clothes. Easy to install on the tap, no tools needed.

Universal head water saving filter
Product size: 8*3cm
Product material: PP+PVC