Acusnore Anti Snore Stop Snoring Solution Mouth Guard

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The Science:
The comfortable and effective Acusnore device works by inserting the mouthpiece into your mouth and over your teeth. The mouthpiece is moulded to the shape of your mouth, which you can do by following the easy to follow instructions provided. It holds your jaw in a forward position while you sleep, opening the airway and thus preventing snoring.

Immediate Relief from Snoring, Heavy Breathing & Grinding Teeth.

There are many reasons why people snore. The most common is called "simple snoring" brought on by tiredness, stress, obesity, drink, nasal or sinus problems, and even your sleeping position.

During sleep the mouth and throat muscles relax. The tongue can drop and the vibration of the uvula during the sleeping cycle can translate to snoring. The innovative design of the Acusnore Mouth Guard combats this by gently pulling the jaw forward to keep the upper airway open, allowing air to flow freely. Inhaling and exhaling is uninterrupted, giving you a quiet, peaceful night's sleep.