Bicycle Lift

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Safe, Easy Overhead Bike Storage

Bikes are the number #1 bulky storage problem for consumers. This Bike Lift is the perfect way to store your bicycle overhead and free up extra garage space. The Bike Lift uses a rope and pulley system that is mounted to your ceiling. Raise and lower a 20kg bike up to 4 meters by simply placing the hooks on the seat and handle-bars and pulling the rope. When you’re ready to ride, simply unlock the rope and lower your bike… no ladders needed! The Bike Lift pulleys do most of the work–making a 20kg bike feel like it’s only about 5kg; a 4:1 mechanical advantage. A unique locking mechanism holds the rope securely in place to prevent accidental release. Some assembly required; installs into ceiling joists. Order yours today, and reclaim your garage!


• Conveniently store your bike overhead
• Reclaim valuable floor space
• Safety lock prevents accidental release


• Fasteners to install lift into ceiling joists
• Rope and pulley system with locking mechanism
• Vinyl-coated hooks protects bikes