Breathable Metatarsal Silicone Pads

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The vented foot pads spread forefoot pressure out and ease your pain. Plus, provide extra cushion and reduce the soreness swelling and discomfort. Gel foot pads prevent bunions, corns and calluses.
Securely stay in place on your foot all day long. It's like walking on the clouds! Metatarsal pads are made of ultra stretchy and soft medical silicone to effectively absorb shock and provide superior cushioning.
The specially designed air holes across metatarsal gel pads allow air to circulate & move freely, which makes heat more bearable even while you are active or stand long hours, especially for runners.
The Metatarsal pads spread and stretch to cover even the widest of feet. Unisex. Foot pads for women and men are slim and for best results wear with compression socks.
Washable and can be used inside socks, tennis shoes, boots and all kinds of daily footwear for versatile use.


Dimensions: 8*6.5*0.1cm

Come as a pair.