Gelli Baff One Bath Pack in a Bundle of Four Colours

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Sprinkle the Gelli Baff powder over water and watch the regular bath water turn into a thick colourful

The Specifics

  • -Gelli Baff turns bath water into a fun colourful goo
  • -100% safe bath time fun
  • -Non-irritant, environmentally safe
  • -When playtime is over simply add the sachet of dissolving powder and the goo disappears
  • -Goo reverts back to coloured bath water - simply pull the plug to drain away
  • -300 gram pack contains enough Gelli Baff and dissolving powder for one bath (bundle includes 4 packs – enough for four baths!)
  • -Does not stain towels, clothes, carpets or kids
  • -Available colours: blue, green, pink, red
  • -Suitable for ages 3+