M5 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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The portable wireless 360° M5 by Veho features high quality sound with a unique set of specifications that mean you can stream your music wherever you are.

Not only does the patent registered design of Veho 360° M5 look stunning with its black aluminium finish, this feature and function packed speaker is the most versatile on the market. The highly tuned dual acoustic drivers and powerful stereo speakers mean the M5 has a wide audio spectrum and sounds fantastic.

The rechargeable battery and unique charging dock make it completely portable for anywhere around the home or garden. While the speaker remains on the charging dock it remains fully charged but simply lift the speaker from the dock to take with you around the home, garden or even away with you on holiday and the speaker will give you 12 hours playtime via line in, 10 hours playtime via MP3/microSD or 8 hours playtime via Bluetooth by using the powerful internal rechargeable battery. While travelling away from the charging dock the speaker can be recharged by using the mini USB port and the charging cable provided.

The integrated microphone and 2-way Bluetooth function mean the M5 is the perfect desktop speaker phone and you won’t miss a call with the music interrupt feature. By using the built-in MP3 player and microSD slot you can take your music with you anywhere regardless of a Bluetooth device and the on board controls allow you to control volume up/down and skip tracks backwards and forwards. 

The versatile M5 is perfect for listening to your music wirelessly while at the home office, all around the home, travelling, camping, festivals, as well as seamlessly streaming sound for movies, gaming or conference calls.

Key Features:

- Connects with mobile phones, computers, tablets, iPods, gaming devices or any other Bluetooth device
- Unique charging dock that recharges the powerful internal battery giving up to 12 hrs. playback time
- Built-in microphone for making or taking hands free calls phone calls with automated music interrupt
- Integrated MP3 player with microSD slot and 3.5mm line in jack for non Bluetooth devices
- Dual acoustic drivers coupled with two powerful speakers to give a wide audio spectrum 

Box Contents:

- 360° M5 Portable Wireless Speaker
- USB charging dock
- Mini USB Charging Cable
- 3.5mm Aux Jack
- Quick Start Guide