Portable 9in1 Manicure and Pedicure Kit

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Designed for filing, shaping and buffing the natural nails and and includes a hair removal attachment. More convenient than other single function nail tools.
Pain Free razor head - Gentle on all skin types. The highly effective and high speed trimmer system can bring a quick and smooth hair removal experience for your long-lasting smoothness.
Leaving Skin Soft and Smooth - The unique roller file gently removes hard skin from your hand, leaving them feeling silky smooth.
Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation is flexible for filing both left and right hands.

Easy to complete manicure.

Cordless & Battery Operated Design means you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Battery operated (2x AA not included)


1x Scrubbing Grinder - to polish your nails
1x Disc Grinder - cleans the surface of the nail
1x Small Cone Grinder - restore nails edges and polishes parts
1x Cylindrical Grinder - removes dead skin and smooths nail
1x Pointed Cone Grinder - restores and polishes the corners of the nails
1x Pain Free razor head
3x Softness Grinder - Polish and buff fingernails