SD Mini Portable Pocket Speaker (red)

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Satechi SD Mini Portable Pocket Speaker (Red) Mp3 Player SD Card Reader for iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, HTC EVO, DROID, Samsung Wave, Galaxy S

A total audio solution, the sleekly designed SD Pocket Speaker not only operates as a compact portable speaker but is also a mobile music player which doubles up as an SD/SDHC card reader. Armed with the signature Bass Xpansion System, the nifty speakers extend to amplify dynamic audio range without compromising on acoustic integrity. Engineered to be user-friendly, one button serves to control all functions which include power, volume, pause and track change. The SD Pocket Speaker also features the series connection system that is compatible to the other pocket speakers which allows them to be daisy chained to produce an enhanced aural performance. Delight your friends by sharing your music with these handy, powerful & compact speakers. Take them anywhere to play your songs through your SD Card or MP3 player.