SAEM S8 Reperio Proximity Alarm/Finder

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Never misplace or lose your keys or smartphone again, thanks to the new SAEM S8 Reperio Bluetooth proximity key finder from Veho.

Connect to the SAEM S8 Reperio using the free Android or iOS app to let you locate your keys or your smartphone. You will even get alerted when you are out of range so if you leave your keys or smartphone behind an alarm sounds. Likewise if someone picks up your phone and walks away an alarm sounds.

If you lose your SAEM S8 Reperio key fob, you can also track the last known location of the key fob using the iOS or Android Reperio app, which works alongside Google Maps to help locate your lost Reperio if you are outside of the Bluetooth range.

The SAEM S8 Reperio also has a camera mode function that will allow you to use the Reperio as a photo remote control for your smartphone to take a photo, using the camera on your Android or iOS smartphone, allowing you to take the perfect selfie!

The SAEM S8 Reperio has a built-in USB rechargeable battery, which will give you 320 hours of use, with only 2.5 hour charge time. The Reperio has Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, (Bluetooth Low Energy) which allows you to get the most out of the SAEM S8’s battery life and gives extra range.

The patent design, which was designed in the UK, is the perfect accessory for anyone, such as students, travellers and even business users.

Patent Pending: 1415342.3

Key Features
- Patented slim, lightweight design – Designed in the UK
- Bluetooth 4.0, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for longer lasting battery life
- Locate keys & also smartphones with free Android & iOS smartphone app
- Activates an alarm when you leave your keys or smartphone behind or someone takes them away
- Acts as a smartphone camera remote to take photos using the SAEM S8 Reperio
- Track the last known location of the Reperio using the smartphone app, which uses Google Maps to help locate SAEM S8.

Box Contents
- SAEM S8 Reperio
- Mini USB Charging Cable
- Multi-Lingual User Manual (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian).