Veho - MUVI Atom 'No Proof No Glory' Bundle

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 Veho - MUVI™ Atom 'No Proof No Glory™' Bundle

Veho® are pleased to announce the partnership with new and exciting lifestyle and action sports media partner ‘No Proof No Glory™’ ( As part of this partnership, Veho have released the MUVI™ Atom Special Edition 'No Proof No Glory™' Bundle.

The Special Edition No Proof No Glory™ MUVI™ Atom includes a Waterproof Case that is capable of depths of 30 Metres underwater for a full 60 minutes and comes bundled with the 4GB micro SD card and sports mounting kit.

The super tiny MUVI™ Atom redefines the world of small. Measuring less than 2 inches high it's one of the smallest camcorders in the world.

The MUVI™ Atom's tiny size does not compromise quality, recording at 640 x 480 @ 30 FPS using Frame Rate Enhancement technology. The Atom also introduces the ability to take photo snapshots at 1280 x 960.

The 120mAh battery has the capacity to give your MUVI™ Atom a continuous 40 minutes recording time. The No Proof No Glory™ edition also ships with a 4GB micro SD card which will enable around 90 minutes at 640 x 480 standard definition.

The sports mounting kit included with MUVI™ Atom will allow you to capture high quality Digital video and sound footage hands free. Additionally the MUVI™ Atom plus waterproof case works with all standard MUVI Mounting options (VCC-A014-HM,VCC-A015-FBM,VCC-A016-HSM,VCC-A017-UPM,VCC-A018-HFM,VCC-A020-USM, VCC-A019-MP)

Alternatively the MUVI™ Atom’s tiny size is perfect for security or surveillance to help combating anti-social behaviour. 

Key Features:

- The world's smallest high resolution camcorder
- Measures only 1.75 inch high x .75 inch wide x .75 inch deep
- Includes 4GB micro SD card (up to 16GB micro SD compatible) to record up to 90 minutes footage
- Includes rechargeable battery for up to 40 minutes continuous operation
- Standby mode with noise activation
- Bundle sports kit
- Photo snapshot @ 1280 x 960 
- Standard tripod Mount to use with VCC-A019-MP monopod and tripod
- Works with all standard MUVI Mounting options (VCC-A005-WPC, VCC-A014-HM, VCC-A015-FBM,VCC-A016-HSM,VCC-A017-UPM,VCC-A018-HFM,VCC-A020-USM)

Box Includes:

- MUVI™ Atom
- MUVI™ Atom Waterproof Case
- 4GB microSD card
- USB Cable
- MUVI™ Atom software
- MUVI™ Atom spring mounting clip
- MUVI™ Atom neck chain
- MUVI™ Atom carrying pouch
- MUVI™ Atom user’s manual
- Mounting bracket for bike/helmet
- Magnetic mounting bracket for wall
- MUVI™ Atom head/helmet strap
- Mounting bracket velcro
- Mounting bracket screws
- Mounting bracket straps