Flameless candles - The next big hit?

A big seller for us late in 2011 and a perfect addition to almost any household.
These LED Flameless candles are always classic and beautiful. They add ambiance and fit almost any decoration. 

With a smooth finish, flicker function and realistic wick they also look extremely realistic (we've even heard stories of the candles being melted after after people had tried to light them!)
The candles are made from 100% wax just like a conventional candle.
Inbuilt is a Small LED that flickers just like a real candle.
Simply turn the candles on / off with a switch on the base.
No more fire Hazard!
Leave the candles 'lit' while you go to sleep with no worries about an open flame.
No more worrying about the kids playing with fire
Much cheaper ! Our candles have 100,000 hour lifetime guarentee. No more replacing your candles every couple of weeks!
Eco-Friendly, with 1 set of batteries these candles will stay 'lit' 5 hours a night for 6 months!

Check out some images of our candles in action below