3D DIY Wall Clock

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If you're looking for just that stylish accessory that will turn your home into a stylish place then you are right with this watch. Easy to install, no tools like a drill or screws needed. Once it's up on the wall you will not want to take it down ever again because it enchants every room it is in.

  • To add that little extra unique and stylish touch to your home, purchase this exclusive DIY Wall Clock.
  • Easy to install, just use the self-adhesive stickers on the back of the individual pieces of the clock and stick them to the wall. Simple as that!
  • To ensure the highest quality possible all the parts of the clock are protected by a layer of adhesive plastic until you install it and pull it off.
  • No matter where you choose to install this fabulous clock, the room will get a stylish and modern atmosphere. Be it your living room, bed room or office - you name it.
  • Once the individual parts are installed they will stay where you put them. The adhesive is very strong and also steam proof, so if you plan on installing this clock in your kitchen for example, go right ahead.

How to Install:
1. Fasten the centerpiece on the wall.
2. Cover the clock with the auxiliary scale and check where the hands need to be placed.
3. Take down the centerpiece and install the minute and hour hand one by one.
4. Adjust the time with the button and insert the battery.