LED Crystal Bubble Solar Powered Lamps

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Decorative acrylic bubble sticks look fantastic and really add some personality to your garden. They're solar powered (batteries Inc) and so will charge in the daytime and turn on automatically in the evening when the sun goes down.
The light is created by a white LED in each stick that illuminates the bubble effect with eye-catching results. These lights look outstanding in borders or marking out pathways and patios. 
Pack of 8 bubble light stick.
10m cable run from transformer and 1m in between lights;

Will light for up to 8 hours after FULL charge.


Solar powered
Height: 400mm*10mm (L/W)
DIY installation - no wiring required
Battery 1 x AA 600 mAh Ni-Mh

Solar Panel 2V
1.2V Rechargeable battery