How to redeem a voucher

How to pay using a Voucher
Voucher holders : Please Read Carefully
1) Select your desired product (If you have purchased a multibuy voucher, please redeem each voucher individually)
2) Click add to cart.
3) Click Checkout (This will take you to a paypal payment page)
In order to proceed to the "Redeem voucher code input page" you must enter your payment details 
Please enter your credit card details.
You will not be charged for the value of the product (only for shipping (if applicable) or any excess over the value of the voucher)
4) Press continue (This will then take you to you 'review your information page - Please ensure your shipping address is correct, Do Not worry, by clicking continue you will not be charged)
5) Click "Continue" This will then take you back to the checkout page where you will enter your voucher / discount code.
6) Enter your code exactly how it appears.  Then click "apply." This will subtract your discount from the total leaving the shipping to pay. Only click "complete my purchase if the amount has been reduced to £0.00 )
7) Click 'Complete my purchase'

Unfortunately, the way our payment checkout service (paypal) works is that the voucher code entry box comes after the credit card input page. Please note, you will not be charged for your voucher purchase (please make sure your voucher is accepted - this will reduce the amount payable to £0.0) 

My Voucher Code isnt working?
Please check the following steps below:
You are not trying to activate the code before redemption time. (Stated on email from your voucher site, e.g KGB, Mighty Deals)
You have selected the wrong item to use the code
You are entering the code exactly as it appears on your voucher
You are using the Groupon code and not attempting to redeem the security code
You are putting O instead of Zero in the code.
If copy and pasting the code from an email, please ensure there are no spaces before or after the code.

I forgot to use my voucher code - can I add it?
Unfortunately voucher codes need to be entered at the time of placing the order and cannot be added once an order is complete. 
If you have made an error at checkout contact us. Please check your email plus spam or junk mail to see an immediate cancellation and void of the order. 

If you have any other questions please contact email us at