10 Piece Caulking Took Kit

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Caulking is one of the most common home improvement projects. Caulk can be easy to apply whether you’re sealing a shower, bathroom tub or sink, repairing flashing on a roof, weatherizing a door or window, installing crown moulding or painting a room if you have the correct tools.

Dualeco caulking tool kit can assist you in removing old caulk and applying caulk more efficiently and effectively. No matter you are professionals or DIY- ers, you can caulk like a pro.


80mm Caulking nozzle

A caulking nozzle for caulking gun use, smooth the bead of caulk while caulking. A really timesaving practical tool.

5 Finishing tools

5 different shapes finishing tools with at least 25 angles ingeniously meet the needs of different corners. Help you make a perfect bead of caulk.

Double-headed smoothing tool

Double head design with comfortable silicone handle, this finishing tool with 2 radius size options (1/4 R, 1/8 R) for smoothing straight lines.



Double head design with comfortable silicone handle, this silicone removal tool can be used to remove any old sturdy residual adhesive/glue or sealant in any places.

Designed with an arcing handle, this silicone scraper is comfortable to handle and easy to carry, can effectively remove the dirt and stubborn glue from the corner of the wall and the washing table

The yellow scraper has the advantages of high-efficiency construction, simple operation, no damage to tiles, time-saving and labour saving, can be used to remove surface bumps and dents


Package Contains:

1x yellow finishing tool /1x yellow caulk nozzle /5x Blue silicone finishing tools

1x black silicone remover /1x yellow silicone remover /1x yellow plastic grout scraper


Step 1: Prepare the Surface – Removing old caulk with Dualeco silicone remover.

Step 2: Apply the Caulk – Apply steady pressure to the trigger or tube and fill the gap with an even bead of caulk.

Step 3: Smooth It Out – For a neat and professional-looking finish, select the suitable finishing tool in the tool kit. Lightly drag a caulk finishing tool over the bead to smooth it.

Tip: Caulk usually dries in about 24 hours. Wipe away excess caulk with water and a damp cloth before it dries. Excess dried caulk will need to be cut or scraped away.