100 LED Motion Sensor Lights v2

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Equipped with 100 LEDs and a wide angle of 270 ° four-sided illumination for brightness, The side angled LEDS provides better illumination and converts dark spaces into areas full of light. It has a protective screen that covers the LED, with a durable design to extend its useful life.

Wireless outdoor lighting, waterproof in four sides, solar charging, long life and durable, easy to use, intelligent light control, energy saving easy to install

3 Modes:

Mode 1 :  Motion detector (Motion sensor turns the light on and off when motion is detected in low-light conditions)
Mode 2 :  Dusk- Dawn (Turn on during low-light conditions and turns off when adequate light is detected)
Mode 3 :  Smart brightness control (Emits a dim light during low-light conditions and turns brighter when it detects motion)

Material: ABS
Dimensions:  13.5*9.8*5cm