10m Copper Slug Repellent Slug Tape

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  • 🌱PROTECTION AGAINST SNAILS AND SLUGS - Simply pull a ring of around your plants, the copper ring could naturally keeps off the snails and slugs of their own accord. The extra strong adhesive side makes it easy to install almost anywhere and resist even the most horrible weather.
  • 📝VERSATILE -Our copper strip has a wide range of applications and is particularly recommended for following tasks: EMC shielding, protection against snails, electrical repairs, decoration, crafts etc.
  • 🔧EMI SHIELDING - If you want to protect your electronic equipments from electromagnetic interference or from buzzing guitars to computer cables, the copper band is an easy and quick solution.
  • 🎊EXCELLENT QUALITY AND EXTRA LENGTH - Our copper tape is resistant to oxidation and discoloration. With a size of 10mm x 10M, the band is inexpensive on the market in general.
  • 🌼CREATE YOUR PERSONAL IDEAS FOR LIFE - Our copper foil tape is very easy to shape up. You can use them to decorate and beutify whatever you want. It provides a powerful hold on almost all smooth surface due to its extra strong adhesion