12 Pack of Rude Balloons 12 Pack of Rude Balloons
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12 Pack of Rude Balloons


Birthday left you feeling a little deflated? You've inched another year closer to death and you're not feeling too grand about it. Or perhaps you've just been to THE most boring Christening of all time ever and you have an inkling that baby wasn't even interested in the £5 M&S voucher you gave it.

Next time, why not celebrate honesty and undermine the big occasion and that rude, ungrateful baby with these thoroughly Rude Balloons.

Sure to add a solid dose of hilarity to even the dullest of celebrations, be it Nan's dead-out 70th, your pal's 'congratulations on the new job that I'm impeccably jealous of' bash or the office's particularly abysmal Christmas party. It's always nice to say it like it is.

  • 12 Balloons in a pack.
  • 3 different printed messages.
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