16 Reusable Bamboo Make Up Pads

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It is made of premium special bamboo cloth and it will gently, naturally and effectively remove all your waterproof makeup by breaking the surface tension of the ingredients that bonds your makeup to the skin when rubbing
Working effectively in removing dirt and oil in just seconds with a cleanser, leave your skin smooth, soft and clear

It not just face remover pads and can be work for eyes shadow, mascara, lips, neck and more

Easy to wash and please wash it at first use
Better to wash it with cleanser which is for brush or puff
Place round remover pads into the laundry bag avoid them disappear in the washer, a regular wash cycle.
One organic makeup remover pads can be used up to 1000 times

Bamboo is one of the very durable of all natural textile fibers.
2 layers of super soft silky organic bamboo fleece
Zero Waste Life and Harmless to our Environment

Material: polyester + bamboo fiber

Dimensions: Diameter: 8cm