2.5m BBQ Smoke Seal Strip

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No.1: Keep the somke in .It is a must for your smoker to get the best use of the smoke .
No.2: Heat locked .Control airflow, which equals control of the temperature.
No.3: Eliminate noise from metal hitting each other ,like the door and the hopper lid .
No.4: It makes your smoker food more delicious,improves your cooking level from smoke keeping in and heat locked .


Be sure to prep and clean the surface before sticking the fiber strip ,remove any oil and dirt from surface area, use cleaner if needed .
After sticking, let it cure for 24hrs .it will be more benefit .

Heat Resistant : It can resist temperatures of up to 932

Self stick : Very easy to put on without needing to add other adhesives .

Big Size: 8.2ft(2.5m),1/2''(1.3cm),1/8''(0.3cm) 1 strip

Wide range of uses : Fits almost all BBQs, can be used for ovens also.