Car Scratch Repair Nano Cloth

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If your car has light scratches, swirls, or other marks - you can easily fix that with our Scratch repair cloth! our specially formulated Nanotechnology will allow you to easily remove and "erase" years of wear and tear from your vehicles paint and overall appearance!

Effective at removing light scratches and reducing visablity of deeper ones.

Do not use the cloth with water.Repair cloth can not be washed before use to ensure that the repair site has been dry.

Please do not use if dropped on floor - any particles such as sand could intefere with results

Do not expose this product to direct sunlight or high temperature.

Rub the car gently - too much force can lead to worse results.


1) Make sure the scratched area is wiped clean prior to use of nano cloth.

2) Gently rub the nano cloth over scratched area (do not use excessive force)

3) Keep checking area to see if scratches have been removed / improved.

4) When satisfied with results, put cloth away for use at a later date.

Product dimensions: 10*20*0.5cm, 25g

Material: polyester, wool, nano metal powder, active agent, oil wax, emulsifier, brightener