2 Pack Reusable Car Dehumidifier

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This Car Dehumidifier Bag helps reduce dampness, mildew, in-car condensation, and also helps to reduce inside of windows getting misted and/or iced-over in winter. Filled with 200g of silica gel which absorbs 3 times its weight in moisture. Practical, economical and durable, after about three months just dry it on a radiator or in an oven and it's restored to as-new efficiency. Plus it's equally suitable for caravans, boats and garages.

- Helps prevent damp, mould, Mildrew and Condensation
- Can be placed in the footwell, dashboard, underneath seat, in door storage bin etc.
- No Electricity, chemicals or batteries required
- 200g Silica Gel
- Breathable cloth cover with velcro straps to keep in place
- Practical, economical and durable
- Can be dried and reused