2 Pack Tiffany Solar Powered Wall / Door / Fence Lights

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Use this solar powered light for your garden, backyard, deck, porch, patio, pond, veggie patch, driveway, or any outdoor location that needs a light. As a weatherproof and heatproof light, it can be installed without fear of environmental damage. As a Day Charger, Install it outside and let the sun power it up. During the day the solar light will automatically switch off to save energy; at night it will turn on so you can find your way. 


Decorative and Functional Design
  • Accent light for gardens, patios, and pathways
  • Solar-powered; no need for additional batteries or wires
  • Concealed mounting for convenient installation
  • Place on a fence, wall, or lamp post
  • Waterproof for all weather
Automatic Functions
  • After installation, the light enters light-operated mode
  • Turns off and charges automatically in the day time
  • Turns on automatically at night
  • Light source: 6 LEDs
  • Solar plate: poly-silicon 2V/130mA
  • Waterproof rating: IP55
  • Material: eco-friendly ABS and PC
  • Charge time: up to 6 hours
  • Using time: up to 8 hours
  • Accumulator: Ni-MH/AA/1.2V 1000mA rechargeable battery
  • Light dimensions: 3.94”x2.13”x4.41”