2 Pack Tanness Tongue Scraper

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Reduce Bad Breath. Most germs and bacteria that cause bad breath can be found on the tongue. Studies found that scraping is more effective than brushing when removing odour-causing bacteria. Simply scrape away the odour-causing bacteria with our 2-Pack Tongue Scrapers.

Improve Your Sense of Taste. Bring your taste buds back to life with these tongue scrapers. The build-up of excess debris on the tongue prevents your taste buds from being able to taste all the best foods. Clearing up the build-up with these tongue scrapers allow you to taste bitter, sweet, salty and sour better than before.

Natural Glow. These tongue scrapper not only improve your taste buds and breath but, they also bring back the natural glow to your tongue. Scraping twice a day after brushing removes build-up which causes a white/yellow appearance.

Made from Stainless steel metal, our tongue scrapers are built to last and easy to clean. With a unique smooth head which comes in wide and regular means, it is suitable for most people.

Comes in 2 sizes: Regular (14.7 x2.5CM) and Wide (14.7 x3.5CM). Includes 2 Tongue Scrappers and 1 Storage Pouch.