20 Pieces Square Sticky Fly Traps

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Absolutely safe-the sticky fly trap uses bright yellow and sticky glue to attract insects. The glue is safe and environmentally friendly, very suitable for use in the home or garden.

Perfect design: The butterfly and flower are small in shape, suitable for small potted plants. Can catch more insects.
Easy to use-peel it and insert it into a flower pot or fruit. Suitable for indoor plants, home kitchen or garden.

Please note-when touching the glue with your hands, please clean it with vegetable oil or hand sanitizer. Keep the product out of reach of children and pets

20 Pieces Sticky Fly Trap Paper Traps Fruit Flies Insect Aphids Glue Catcher Yellow. 

Includes 20 Pieces of Sticky Fly Pads and 20 Hanging Strings

Each Pad is Approximately 20*15cm