24 Shower Curtain Ring Gliders

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Shower curtain ring gliders

These 24 curtain rings are more than just a practical bathroom accessory. They are all-round winners thanks to their clever design, featuring built-in plastic balls which ensure the curtain is easy to use and won’t scratch the rail. Since the plastic balls simply glide over the rail, its coating is protected and it is a breeze to open and close the curtain. A clamping fastener guarantees that the curtain stays firmly attached to the curtain hooks.

Smooth Movement: These 24 shower rollers glide effortlessly along the curtain rail thanks to their special design; therefore, the curtain can easily be opened and closed
Scratch-Free Use: Since the curtain rings metal feature 5 separate, rolling plastic balls, the shower curtain rail won't be scratched even through daily use
Secure Clasp: A clamping fastening ensures that the shower rollers can easily be placed through the eyelets of the shower curtain and the hooks won't slip down
Standard Size: With the standard dimensions of 4 x 6.8 cm, the shower curtain gliders are suitable for any standard-sized rounded shower curtain rails
Durable Materials: The curtain holder is made of metal and plastic; this combination of materials promises a long usage life and durability

Material: Metal and Plastic
Dimensions: 4cm x 6.8cm cm
Contains: Shower curtain ring gliders

Care: Wipe with damp cloth and dry

Package dimensions: