3D Model Puzzle Kits

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Take your model skills to the next level with these excellent 3D models.

These models use unique pieces which slot together to build a sturdy and strong model. 

Available in popular attractions from all around the world. 

An ideal keepsake of your city memory, reminding you of a wonderful time in a magical city, or the reminder of your next holiday. A perfect companion for adults and children to learn the beauty and history of the city. Great fun for kids and adults. 

Relax mind and get away from day-to-day. Perfect project for students, ideal gift and souvenir for hobbyists or anyone who enjoys art of hand-making, loves architecture or model crafting. Look really realistic while displaying. Impressive home decoration.

Material: EPS+paper

Dimensions: (L)x(W)x(H)
Statue of Liberty: 16.5x21x18 cm 22pcs
Burj Khalifa Tower: 10.6x12x27.1 cm 51pcs
Eiffel Tower: 14*34*14 cm 20pcs
Leaning Tower of Pisa: 9*32*9 cm 8pcs
The White House: 15.2*11.2*8.5 cm 35pcs 
Tower Bridge: 30*7.2*9.5 cm 33pcs
Tower of London: 14*12.6*12.5 cm 31pcs
London Big Ben: 22*8.5*15 cm 34pcs