3M Cord Organisers with Command Strips

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Small Cord Clips
Command Cord Clips are an ideal way of organising cables, keeping them tucked neatly out of the way. They are easy to apply with no need for nails or tools and are suitable for smooth surfaces including finished wood, painted walls, tiles, glass and metal. Command Strips bond strongly, yet remove cleanly - leaving no damage to your walls. When you are ready for a change, Command Cord Clips can be easily removed by lightly pressing the clip and pulling the tab straight down, slowly stretching it until the strip releases.

Box Contains
8 x Clips
12 x Strips

Cord Bundlers
A unique way to organise bundles of cords and hang them tidily out of the way. Command Mounting products and adhesive strips offer a new means of attaching, holding and hanging without the fear of wall damage or leaving adhesive residue. Combining a genuinely effective high performance adhesive with a stretchable backing, Command adhesive strips hold strongly, yet remove cleanly. A full range of products are available to help you tidy, decorate, organize and celebrate, from hooks to hangers, shower caddies to cable clips.

Command is a trademark of 3M Company.

Box Contains
1 Pack of Command cable bundlers. Each pack contains 2 cord bundlers and 3 Command adhesive strips.