4-Pack 3D Colouring Puzzle Set with 12 Colouring Pens

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COLOR AND BUILD 3D MODELS – With 4 different designs included in each art set, these 3D coloring puzzles for kids and adults are a great choice for use at home or on a trip, craft parties, goody bags, or kids birthdays. No glue or scissors are needed to make the models.

FUN CRAFT & EDUCATIONAL - The 3D coloring puzzle are great for kids to learn some handy artwork. Improve their Motor Skills, Stimulation of Creativity, Enhanced Color Awareness, Recognition and Judgment, Improved Focus and Hand to Eye Coordination, and also Helps Learn about Boundaries, Structure and Spacial Awareness.

RELAX, LEARN, CREATE – Coloring has had a resurgence and now it’s reaching a new level. Kids and adults alike will enjoy coloring the intricate patterns, then following the instructions to create stunning 3D models. With individual color choices, each craft project will be unique.

Each set contians 4 colouring models:

Animals: contains Elephant, Hours, Peacock and Squirrel

Predators: container Dinosaur 1, Dinosaur 2, Dinosaur 3 and Lion.

Aircraft: contains Plane 1, Plane 2, Plane 3 and Helicopter.

Material:  EPS+paper (EPS=expanded polystyrene)

Pens length: 13.5cm, 3 sets for you to choose in the attachment.


Size of each model:


Elephant: 13.5 x 12cm

Horse: 13 x 13.5cm

Peacock: 14 x 13cm

Squirrel: 9 x 9cm


Dinosaur 1: 24 x 17cm

Dinosaur 2: 18 x 11cm

Dinosaur 3: 23 x 8.5cm

Lion: 16.5 x 10cm



Plane 1: 19 x 10cm

Plane 2: 19 x 12cm

Plane 3: 21 x 6cm

Helicopter: 19 x 9.5cm