4D Orthotic Foam Insoles

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4D foam support and washable walking insoles, can be cut according to your size.

Soft and comfortable sponge material, lightweight and breathable.
4D surface perfectly fits your feet curve and comfortably support your arch, front sole and heels to extend walking time.
Suitable for protecting and relaxed heel and make your feet comfortable when you are dancing. Relieve the pressure of high-heeled shoes that brings to the foot.
Helps distribute pressure more evenly Improves blood circulation through massaging action and helps recover faster Makes it comfortable to stand walk or run
Easy to remove without damaging the shoes, Discourages growth of odour causing bacteria
Suitable for high heels, boots, leather shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, etc.

Cut to size:

Small: EU35-40, UK 3-7 (Women)

Medium : EU40-45, UK 6-11 (Mens)

Material: Foam