4pack Adjustable Bed Sheet Fasteners

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Set of 4, great For Bed Sheets and Mattress Covers.
High elastic quality, hold sheets tightly.
Pulls the sides of each corner, easy to resize as needed.
Adjustable sheet straps with durable elasticity, fit your every need for the tight
Hold sheets tight all night long,keep your bed looking great at all times,Never worry about messy or wrinkled sheets again
Adjustable length, can be longer or shorter. Ideal for sheets, mattresses, tablecloths, ironing covers, covers and more.
3 Pull Side of Each Corner. Duckbill clip containing soft plastics, does not will bite bad sheets and other items. Simple operation.

Material: Plastic buckle + elastic band +Metal Clips

Band Width: 20mm

Length: Adjusts from 3" to 7"