55 SMD LED PIR Wall Light with Remote

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Features 55  SMD LEDs, the newest type of LEDs, more efficient and brighter than the regular LEDs. This solar wall light also has SMD LEDs on the side, at an angle, so it can light up an greater area compared to traditional solar wall light.

The built in PIR detects movement. The solar panel not only charges the built-in battery but, it also detects low-light conditions. This means, when paired with the PIR sensor, the light automatically turns on when movement is detected in low-light conditions.

Comes with 3 modes

1. Dim Mode: Constantly on during low light conditions at 10% light intensity, 100% intensity when movement is detected

2. Sensor mode: Off when no motion is detected, 100% intensity when movement is detected.

3. Medium Light Mode: Constantly on during low light conditions at 50% light intensity.

Great for lighting up the garden and your house. Can be mounted to walls, fences, doors and much more
You can also recharge the battery using a USB charger

This solar motion sensor light is equipped with a remote control (range and distance: 120°, 5-10 m), which makes it very easy and fast to adjust the lighting mode and brightness.

LED : 55 SMDs
Motion sensing range: 120°, 5-10M
Remote control distance: 5-10M

Dimensions: 17cm*11.5*6cm

Material: ABS+PC