5M Heavy Duty Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape

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Hook and loop tape with super sticky adhesive, perfect for general purpose use of attaching, stapling, sewing, nailing and so on. It can be widely applied on smooth surfaces such as walls, plastics, glasses and so on.
You can cut the adhesive tape to the length you want and need, just peel the release paper and press the hook and loop
Self-adhesive fasteners can replace screws and nails
Ideal for the home, office and kitchen, workshops (photographs,gloves,door curtain,remote control,murals etc.)
Each roll of adhesive tape has a total length of 5 meters, width 20mm. (1 roll of self-adhesive hook tape and 1 roll of self-adhesive loop tape)

Adhesive strength, adhesive strength, durability.
For all types of imaginary frame assembly.
It allows easy dismantling and reassembling of fabric curtains and closures.
Versatile: can be used for fixed screens, temporary firmware etc.

Length: 5M
Width: 2CM

1 adhesive tape (5M)
1 ring tape (5M)