5m Sink or Bath Waterproof Calk Tape 5m Sink or Bath Waterproof Calk Tape
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5m Sink or Bath Waterproof Calk Tape


  • Provides a long lasting seal and gives a finished professional look to kitchen and bath areas. Keep your house clean and tidy as new for a long time. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic,very nice and comfortable feelin
  • Made of high-quality Acrylic material, features stronger stickiness and adhesion than traditional PVC. it is waterproof, damp  proof, mould proof, oil-proof, sturdy and durable,gives a finished professional look.
  • This corner caulk strip is made with blind glue technology, which comes with strong adhesive for long lasting.
  • No special tools required! Cut to the right length according to your needs, then place it in the desired position and press it firmly. Also very easy to remove.
  • It can be widely used to seal the gaps in kitchens such as sinks and fixtures as well as bathrooms including wash basin, toilet, bathtub very easy to apply with clean and professional finish.
  • 5m x 3cm or 5m x 2.3cm
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