6 Nespresso Compatible Refillable Coffee Capsules

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Package includes 6 x reusable coffee capsule cup, 1 x plastic spoon, 1 x cleaning brush
Each capsule can be used 50 times
Environmentally friendly
This capsule is suitable for Nespresso Machine, including Inissia, Essenza, U, UMilk, Pixie, Pixie Clips, CitiZ, CitiZ&Milk, Prodigio, Prodigio&Milk, Lattissima+, Lattissima Touch, Lattissima Pro, etc
By recycling it, you can enjoy a fantastic coffee taste, in addition to coffee powder, you can also use different granule, such as milk and chocolate powder, so as to make better use of your coffee machine

6 grams of your favourite fine ground espresso to the rim, using the included scoop, lightly tamp grounds and snap on lid.

Stainless steel micro mesh filter allow the refillable capsules to be washed multiple times

1.Use a scoop to fill 5g coffee into the capsule. (5g/spoon)
2.Then use the base of the spoon to tamp the coffee lightly.
Do not compact the coffee too much as it will lead to a restricted water flow.  Tap the coffee lightly leaving about 10% Space which will give more pressure to produce a better Espresso.

Materials: PP + Stainless steel

Dimensions: (top diameter, height, base diameter) 63MM *26MM *23MM