6 Pocket Handbag Organiser

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 Though throwing purses on the kitchen table or onto the closet floor can seem safe enough, it leaves the item vulnerable to dirt, dust, and scratches. These hanging organizers extend the life of oft-used accessories by protecting them between uses. Clear pockets make it easy to find the purse in question, provided the purse is not wrapped within an invisibility cloak. Can be hang in your wardrobe, closet or back door. This 6 Pocket Hanging Bag Organiser can also be used to take your handbags from a-to-b, store hats, shoes and other bulky item.

  • Perfect for storing and organizing handbags
  • 6 clear vinyl pockets—3 front and 3 back
  • Metal hook for hanging in a closet, car, or hotel
  • Compatible with handbags of almost every size
  • Pocket dimensions: 35 (W) x 32 (D) x 25 (H) CM

Non Woven Fabric

Can Easily by folded and stored when not in use.