8-In-1 Hose Nozzle Sprayer + Soap Dispenser

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This is a well-built nozzle sprayer which can put in detergent. It spouts water or soapy water at a great and constant rate with no leaks, different soap level can be adjusted a twist of a knob. This soap sprayer has pretty good power(about 74 psi/5.1 bar), which can be used with the pressure of a garden hose. Wash your car without a bucket!
The foam washing gun is designed ergonomically based. The comfort grip can reduce user fatigue to maximum extent during use. The automatic trigger doesn't need to be squeezed all the time, which wouldn't wear your hand. Start washing with one click!
This foam sprayer has 8 types of spouts(rinse, stream, flat, centre, jet, shower, mist and cone) which can spout water in 8 patterns for different uses. A versatile gadget which can facilitate plants watering, cars washing, pets shower in your daily life. It's a worthy purchase!
The foam sprayer fits 2 different types of hoses via removable adapter. You can easily connect it with your garden hose. Under the limited pressure it would never leak. When you shake it you can hear a sound, it's normal, just a small movable part.
To make cars washing more convenient, we provide a premium scratch-free wash mitt for you. Highest density, ultra-soft, double sided, super absorbent, universal size(9.5" x 6.5"). Microfiber strands wipe away grime and provide a swirl-free finish!

Compatibility: Attaches to any standard hose, recommend to use along with 35-150w cleaning machine or 2-6kg water pressure of home use.


8-Way Spray
- Mist: 3 small water outlet port, suitable for office, toilet, rest room
- Center: thin water flow, big impact, far range, high efficiency, suitable for flushing dirt and wash large areas of dust, cooperate with 35-150W car washer
- Rinse: fast flow, far range, big impact, suitable for car wash, flush dirt, watering, stir washing powder and foaming etc
- Stream: water squirt out in 45 degrees down, big flow, far range, suitable for cleaning mud on the tyres or demands of special corner
- Flat: suitable for wash the ground, wash dust, wet car before wash, foaming, cleaning after foaming
- Cone: water squirt out in fan shaped, large area, modest flow, suitable for wetting car in large area, watering plants in large area etc
- Jet: water squirt out in small hole, big flow, far range, fast flow, big impact, suitable for stubborn stains, with the use of cleaning machine better
- Shower: slow water flow, large area, equally distributed, no splash, suitable for car wash, wipe and wash at the same time, pet wash and watering