8" LED Round Rainfall Shower Head

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The innovative LED shower head brings colour to your shower. No electricity, battery or other devices required, simply turn on the water and you can see the wonderful, colourful water. LEDs operate with small turbines.
Thanks to its beautiful colour changing shower head, the daily shower becomes an enjoyable experience.
This rain shower is equipped with LED lights that light up the water with colours. The water's flow energy is enough to ensure the LEDs light up.The shower head with LED colour change operates very quietly and reduces water consumption.
The mixing light and water will relieve your pressure, remove your tiredness, provides an ultra-quiet delightful experience while you are taking a shower after a long day at work!
Tools-free installation, the shower head fit for 20mm diameter screw slide connector. Just twist off your existing shower head and replace with the new one.

Material: ABS

Shower Head Dimensions: 20cm*1.5cm