8-Pack Tablecloth Clips

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These table cloth clips are a reliable way to make sure that your table cloths stay secure and neat on your kitchen or dining room tables. The Stainless steel cover clamps help secure and keep the sheets flat and smooth, removing all bumps or keeping your covers from falling off the table.
The table cloth clips are approx. 7cm x 5cm tall and are moulded to make sure that the clamp is strong and taught. The grips at the end of the clamps can be stretched to fit all widths and sizes, and are have smooth edges to make sure they don't scratch your dining room wooden tables.
These clips are hassle free and don't need anything to set up. All you need to do is open the gap between the two sides, and place the clamps on the edge of your table over your table cloth. Some customers have mentioned that they place the stainless steel table cover clamps on more than the four corners to ensure that their table cloths do not move or bundle up.
These table cloth clips are relatively small which means they can be placed on your kitchen or dining room table without them being noticed. These are perfect for parties and fancy events when you want to make sure that guests or family members don't move the table cloth by accident (even with their elbows). They help make sure the table cloth is secure and doesn't move or crumble to allow all your dining sets and cutlery to stay in place. These are wonderful for picnics or restaurant


Suitable for tables thinner than 3.5cm


Material: Stainless Steel


Dimensions: H4.5x W1.1cm x L7.4 (Max opening of 3.5cm)


Wipe with damp cloth and wipe dry


Includes 8 Tablecloth Clips


10g each