Anti-Theft Waterproof Backpack Cover

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Rain cover for backpack: Don't let a drop of water in. It can resist water of 2000mpa hydraulic pressure rate. Strap around middle of bag is excellent feature to secure in wind, 1 storage bag for easy carrying out
Rain cover for rucksack: Dual-layer design, the exterior layer adopts wear-resistant Nylon to avoid scratching and dirt. The inner layer adopts waterproof coating to avoid rain and snow
Adjustable buckle to adjust the cover to fit your backpack. It will make the cover stick to the backpack to avoid falling off
Easy Storage. It can be easily folded so that you can put it in the side bag of your backpack to save space

Specially reinforced, keep your backpack and belongings dry from rain, mud and dust.

Seamless construction for weather-tight protection.

With PU coating for better water resist (>2000mm).

Made of waterproof wear-resisting Nylon material.

Adjustable buckle to prevent from falling off.

Item Size:
S: 18-25L
M: 26-40L
L: 41-55L

                      Small              Medium             Large 

Height         30-40cm           40-53cm           53-65cm

Length         20-32cm           20-32cm           20-35cm

Width          15-20cm            15-20cm           19-23cm