Assorted Iron on Denim Patches

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The Iron-On or Sew-on Patches are the perfect decorative addition to a wearable garment or a craft project.
Great for towels, blankets, pillows, purses, scrapbooks, backpacks, aprons, jackets, pants, t- shirts, costumes, baby clothes and so much more!

Iron-On or Sew to Any Garment.

- Set iron to hottest setting. Do not use water or steam.
- Cover patch with a fine cloth.
- Press firmly with iron for about 45-60 seconds.
- Repeat ironing on the reverse side.
- Allow patch to cool before testing.
- Repeat the process if needed to ensure the patch is secure.
- Do not iron patch on delicate cloths, or any materials that will fail under extreme heat such as leather, satin, or nylon.

- BY HAND: use 1/8-inch blanket stitch.
- BY MACHINE: use 15-stitiches per inch, zig-zag setting, and never in a straight line.

36x Assorted Sequins Iron On Denim Patches  (size range from 5.5cmx5.5cm - 15cmx6.5cm)

50x Assorted Iron on Denim Patches        (sizes range from 2x1.5cm - 9cmx3cm)