Bark Stop Portable Dog Trainer

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Based on the theory that ultrasound, the dog trainer can effectively train your dogs to be obedient and stop some unwanted behaviours, such as barking, digging, chewing and more, also they are harmless to both humans and pets
In addition to a pet training tool, it also can prevent you from dog attacks, fit for training many kinds of dogs, such as pets, dogs in police and shepherding, suitable for outdoor work, travel and security night patrol
First open the battery cover and a insert 9v battery (not included), the sound is audible only to pets, finally turn on the switch and it can work well, also they can serve as a flash-light when necessary
Portable and handheld, also convenient for you to carry anywhere you need, such as jogging or walking, cycling, park and so on

Size of the device is approx. 12.5cm*4cm*2.5cm

Weight 68g

Material ABS