BIC Men's Razors

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BIC 3 Hybrid 

The BIC 3 Hybrid men's razor is just that - an easy-to-use, all-in-one 3 blade razor. The pack includes 6 razor head cartridges (not sold separately) which pivot and adapt to your skin's contours and are easy to replace with a simple push-button click. Each razor head is equipped with a large lubricating strip, giving you a fantastically smooth shave. A long, curved orange-coloured handle is easy to manoeuvre, giving you better shaving control. BIC has been producing razors for over 40 years, and the BIC 3 Hybrid combines BIC technology with the design concept of one-piece razors. Functional, it gets you great results.

  • All-in-one, triple-blade razor for men sold with one handle and 6 matched "click" included cartridges, for added convenience
  • Large lubricating strip with vitamin E and aloe vera gives your skin a comfortable, smooth shave
  • Long curved handle for easy grip lets you enjoy better shaving control and manoeuvrability
  • A pivoting razor head that follows the individual contours of your face, perfect for men's shaving routine
  • A triple-blade shaver for a close shave


BIC Flex 3 Comfort

The BIC Flex 3 Comfort men's razor with movable blades is a premium quality product. If you're looking for a comfortable razor for a softer and closer shave than the BIC 3 fixed blade shaver, this is the one for you. A large guard bar has a skin stretching effect, making for a smooth shave. A pivoting razor head follows your contours providing a comfortable and fluid shaving experience. BIC Flex 3 Comfort is the result of dedicated research and development. It features a heavy handle for optimum control and 3 independent, easy-to-rinse spring-mounted blades. It is designed to distribute and absorb blade pressure on skin.

  • Sold as a pack of 8, this triple independently movable-blade razor for men is perfect for a close and soft shave
  • Large lubricating strip with vitamin E and aloe vera gives you a smooth glide
  • The comfortable heavy handle with rubber grip means all men can look forward to superior control
  • Pivoting razor head with movable blades follows your facial contours, for a responsive shave
  • The independent, spring-mounted blades are easy to clean and rinse, meaning less clogging (vs BIC fixed blades)