Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Using the oscillometric blood pressure measurement,accurately measure the blood pressure.

    LCD digital display legible.

    Intelligent pressure.

    WHO warning message function.

    Double mode,each of the 99 set of measurements of memory.

    No operation in 1 minutes automatic shutdown.

    The over pressure protection function.

    An irregular heartbeat tips.

    The clock feature.


    Measurement range

    Pressure range:0-37.3kpa(0-280mmHg)

    Pulse range:40-199 times/min

    Wrist band display range:0-39.9kpa(0-299 mmHg)

    Static pressure:±0.4kpa(±3mmHg)

    Pulse:within ±5%


    Power supply:DC6v(1.5v four AAA batteries,Don't include the battery )

    Storage temperature and moisture: temperature:-10-55°C moisture:10%-85%RH

    Using temperature moisture:temperature:5-40°C moisture:15%-85%RH

  • Material: ABS

  • Product dimension: 98mm x 116mm x 60mm