Car Mirror Anti-Mist & Anti-Glare Film Kit

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This car film will give you better visibility in rainy conditions.

Super hydrophilic hard coating help water drops slide quickly and prevent dew-condensation
Also protects your mirror from unwanted scratches

Easy Installation:
Step 1: Use the wet cleaning wipes to clean the mirror (NO1, Green)
Step 2: Use the dry cleaning cloth clean the mirror
Step 3: Use the dust cloth to remove any dust (NO2, Pink)
Step 4: Spray the pure water evenly on the mirror surface
Step 5: Take off No. 1 film and stick on the mirror, use the scraper covered with cleaning cloth to pull out air bubble and make it total flat
Step 6: Take off No. 2 film and the installation is finished

Package Include:
2x mirror film
2x Dry Cleaning wipes
2x Wet Cleaning Wipes
1x Dust Remover cloth
1x Scraper

2x Dry Cleaning wipes    - 40x40mm/single Polyester
2x Wet Cleaning Wipes  - 40x40mm/single polyester
1x Dust Remover cloth    -50x60mm microfibre
1x Scrape                        -    30x50mm plastic

2x mirror films:  PET, Size:10x14.5cm