Car Seat Clip for Pets Car Seat Clip for Pets Car Seat Clip for Pets
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Car Seat Clip for Pets


Adjustable leash slips right into your vehicle’s seatbelt buckle and tethers your dog so there won’t be any surprises as you drive. 

What It Does
  • Tethers pets to your existing seatbelt buckle
  • Clicks in just like a regular seatbelt
  • Ensures dogs won’t bound into your lap as you drive
The Leash
  • Adjustable length up to 20’’
  • Durable webbing construction
  • Clip right on to your dog’s harness or collar. (For the safety of your pet we recommend using a harness)
  • Universal design for all standard vehicles
  • Available in three separate colors
  • Weight: 3.5oz.
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