Car/Bike/Motorbike Tire Pressure Valve Monitors (4-Pack)

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With these four 36psi valve-stem caps, you can easily know when tires need more air to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently.

Promotes Safety, Fuel Efficiency
  • Caps fit onto valve stems and change colors to indicate when tires are running low on air
  • Good tire pressure optimizes gas mileage and decreases the likelihood of premature tire wear and tread separation/blowouts
Easily Know Your Pressure

Glance at the color of the installed stem caps and know immediately whether your tires are good to go or need more air.

  • Green means tire pressure is normal
  • Yellow means the pressure is down about 5lb.
  • Red alerts you that the pressure is down by at least 10lb.
  • Determine the correct tire pressure
  • Inflate tires to the correct pressure
  • Install the pressure caps tightly
Good to Know
  • Set of four 36psi valve-stem caps
  • Fits standard-size tire-valve stems
  • Material: chromed metal