Cross Warren Red Ball Point Pen Cross Gift Box

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Cross Warren Red Lacquer with Chrome Appointments Ballpoint Pen with Cross Giftbox. Established in 1846, the A.T. Cross Company is one of the oldest manufacturers of fine writing instruments. With more than 21 registered patents, the A. T. Cross Company developed and marketed many important "firsts" in the field of writing instruments. Their repertoire has expanded over the years to include luxurious timepieces and beautiful, personal accessories. The exceptional quality of Cross products is attributed to a design process dedicated to luxurious details and to Cross' employees, who share in the company's goal of quality in the manufacturing process. Cross allows any employee in production to reject a part or product that appears faulty, dramatically increasing the overall integrity of their products. All Cross writing instruments are guaranteed against mechanical failure, regardless of age. 
 They have long been symbols of success and achievement, and no longer serve as simply functional writing instruments. With an increased focus on fashionable colors and stylish designs, Cross pens and accessories are the perfect way to finish off your daily wardrobe, or add that extra flair to an evening on the town. As a leading fashion focused Writing Instrument and Accessories brand, blending the timeless appeal of its brand