Diaper Changing Mat

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This portable diaper pad is unfolded to a size of 60 x 35 cm (length x width). It is cleanable, easy to clean, and keeps your baby out of dirty desktops and bacteria. Additional padding in the head area protects the child's head!
Expanded side mesh pockets can hold diapers, towels, baby oil and baby toys.
The increased width facilitates the insertion of the diaper inside and does not appear bloated.
The surface-designed zipper pocket can be used to place items such as saliva towels that children often use. Easy to get.
The closure uses a Velcro design for easy one-handed operation. A pull tab opens the diaper pad. It is convenient for a mother holding a child to use it alone.

Padded pillow for your babies head

Unfolded Size: 60*35 cm

Folded Size: 23*35*3 cm

Material: PVC