Digital Home Thermometer and Hygrometer

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The LCD displays the current temperature, humidity, max/min records at the same time. It also displays dry, wet or comfort symbol on the screen.
°C and °F switchable
Low consumption, high precision and stability. Temperature detection range is 14°F - 158°F(-10°C - 70°C), humidity range is 10% - 99%. Allow you to get the accurate real time temperature and humidity and you can adjust your household.
This device can be hung on a wall, attached using the rear magnet or placed on a flat surface.
Widely Use, can be used in bathroom, bedroom, living room, office or any other room

Temperature survey range:14°F-158°F(-10°C~70°C)
Humidity survey range:10% ~ 99%
Battery: 1.5V 1*AAA battery (not included)